Bamboli Commission
Prices & Examples

Prices are per character

★ Certain characters may cost more than others, that is why there is a price range ★
★ The final price will be decided based on the complexity ★


Busts include at least the head & upper shoulders.
They can also include the chest.
They do not include the full arms.

$15—25 USD

Half Body

Half Bodies include the head, torso, & upper thighs.

$30—50 USD

Full Body

Full Bodies usually include the entire body.

Note: Some parts might be out of view due to framing.

$50—70 USD

Reference Sheet

Reference Sheets include at least 1 Full Body, 1 Headshot + any Extra Props or Apparel.Reference Sheets are Flat Color, so they use slightly reduced prices.

$60—120 USD

Extra Costs

+ $5—10 USD per Prop (Weapon, Object, Etc.)
+ $10—30 USD for a Complex Background




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